Jun 25, 2007

Podcast TMA: Taking the Lead

Drs. Rohack (left) and Annis on the floor of the AMA House of Delegates.

First you have to run for office in what are usually very tight and grueling campaigns. Then you spend days away from your practice and your family sitting in and preparing for meetings. Why would a physician want to serve on an AMA board or council?

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This week, Podcast TMA explores the answer through interviews with three Texas doctors on the front lines of national medical leadership. They are two physician leaders of the AMA and one doctor who is running for a seat on an AMA council. Our guests are: from Temple, Jim Rohack, MD, a member and former chair of the AMA Board of Trustees; from Austin, Joe Annis, MD, another member of the AMA board; and from Houston, Russ Kridel, MD, who is running this week for the AMA Council on Science and Public Health. They tell us what AMA officials do, how the election process works, and why Texas physicians should care that their colleagues are part of the AMA leadership.

Our "Political Action Works" segment features Carlos Cardenas, MD, of McAllen, who tells us about State Sen. Juan "Chuy" Hinojosa, also of McAllen, and why doctors need to stay involved with their elected officials.

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