Jun 14, 2007

Podcast TMA: Why a House?

Podcast TMA this week begins a multi-part series looking at the upcoming meeting of the AMA House of Delegates. Download the show. Our guests this week are experts on the House of Delegates. Not only are they members of the Texas Delegation to the AMA house, they are also the two physicians who run the TMA House of Delegates. They are, from Houston, Bill Fleming, MD, the speaker of the TMA house, and from Fort Worth, Steve Brotherton, MD, the vice speaker. They explore the basic function of a house of delegates, explain why it's important for a medical association to have a house, and compare the AMA House of Delegates to the TMA house. The “Political Action Works” segment of this week's shoe features Ladon Homer, MD, of Fort Worth. He tells us about State Sen. Jane Nelson of Lewisville, the chair of the Senate Health and Human Services Committee, and why doctors need to stay involved with their elected officials.

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