May 21, 2008

Getting Ripped Off from the Inside - Podcast TMA

This installment’s topic is a practice management headache no physicians or office managers want to imagine could happen to them. We’re talking about embezzlement … getting ripped off from the inside … how to prevent it and how to treat it if it does show up in your practice.

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This topic and related practice operations problems are covered in our free e-book, TMA Practice E-Tips Greatest Hits, Vol. 1. “Cash transactions, especially,” the e-book warns, “offer temptation to those with a penchant for pilfering.”

Our guests in this installment are two of Texas Medical Association’s expert staff members. Peggy Pringle is the director of TMA Practice Consulting. With practice management experience, knowledge of best practices, and access to TMA’s tools and resources, a TMA consultant can provide customized solutions specific to your practice.

Jeppe Gustin-Ross is TMA’s associate vice president for human resources. Jeppe is a frequent speaker at TMA practice management seminars and an expert in personnel law and tactics.

This Podcast TMA is relatively short – we thought about calling it a “mini-cast” – but packed with answers to important questions:

  • What do we know about the embezzlement problem? How big is it? Who is most at risk?

  • One way to prevent being ripped off from the inside is to hire good, honest people up front.

  • How can physicians make good recruitment decisions?

  • What steps should physicians take to protect themselves?

  • How can a practice detect if someone is actually stealing from the inside?

  • What do physicians need to know about terminating a staff member they suspect of embezzling the practice?

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