Jun 15, 2008

Hot Chili in Chi-Town

What was originally scheduled as a campaign event turned into a Sunday-evening victory celebration for two Texas physicians who already have secured their spots in the pantheon of American Medical Association leadership.

TMA planned its traditional chili-and-fixins' reception to promote Jim Rohack, MD, in his race for AMA president-elect and Sue Rudd Bailey, MD, who was running for the AMA Council on Medical Education. Both physicians won their races uncontested at Saturday's session of the AMA House of Delegates.

But the show must go on.

Hundreds of physicians from around the country flocked to the Texas reception to congratulate Drs. Bailey and Rohack. Spouses of the Texas delegation members ladled up the chili and (virgin) maragritas -- with and without salt.

Check out the slide show of Texans' celebrating their magnificant victories.

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