Jun 6, 2008

Rohack for President - What's In It for You?

This installment of Podcast TMA features an interview with Dr. Jim Rohack, a cardiologist from Temple, Texas, and a former TMA president. Download the show. Dr. Rohack is the only announced candidate to be the next president-elect of the American Medical Association. If all goes as expected, on the afternoon of Saturday, June 14, the AMA House of Delegates will elect him to that post unanimously. Just about one year later, he will become the 164th president of the AMA. (By the way, we'll be blogging from the AMA meeting, June 14-18. Watch this space for news on Dr. Rohack's election and coverage of all the issues.) We talk with Dr. Rohack about why he wants to be AMA president and what he hopes to accomplish. We explore AMA issues and projects that would attract more Texas physicians to the fold. And we discuss what attracted him to leadership positions in organized medicine and why others should be interested as well.
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