Jun 27, 2008

TEXPAC Withdraws Cornyn Endorsement

The Texas Medical Association Political Action Committee (TEXPAC), the political action committee of the Texas Medical Association, sent this letter today to U.S. Sen. John Cornyn (R-TX).
Dear Senator Cornyn: The Texas Medical Association Political Action Committee (TEXPAC) is outraged that you made the decision to follow the direction of the Bush Administration and voted to protect health insurance companies at the expense of America’s seniors, those with disabilities, and military families.
See "Tell Cornyn and Hutchison Their Vote Was Wrong"
On July 1 – just four days from now – the government will slash Medicare physician payments by at least 10.6 percent, even more in many parts of Texas. That will force physicians into an impossible choice: face financial crisis by continuing to see their Medicare patients, or protect their practices and cut off those patients. There is talk and then there is action. We expect our elected officials to show leadership and do the right thing. Absent that, TEXPAC has rescinded our endorsement of your candidacy. Sincerely, Manuel Acosta, MD Chair TEXPAC Board of Directors
TEXPAC speaks on behalf of more than 43,000 Texas physicians and medical students, and nearly 8,000 alliance members. Organized in 1962, TEXPAC is one of the oldest political action committees in Texas. TEXPAC also is one of the largest bipartisan PACs in the state and ranks first in size among other state medical association PACs.

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