Sep 15, 2008

Voices of Ike - An offer to help

7:59 am, Monday, Sept. 15 From Dallas medical transcriptionist Michelle Lloyd [Editor's note: I cannot vouch at all for this person or the work that she does, but I was so impressed with the sincerity of this unsolicited e-mail that I just had to post it. stl]

I am a medical transcriptionist with about 10 years experience, and I currently work for a large pediatric hospital in Dallas. I am writing because I realize that paperwork for the patients still needs to get done, and doctors, nurses, and residents need to have their time to devote to patient care. I am offering to help out with any transcription needs. No strings. If you can get it dictated on any type of recorder and mail it, e-mail it, send it by carrier pigeon or pony express, I'm pretty sure I can get it back to you so that you can at least cut and paste it from Word and get it to the chart. I have worked for and with some of the doctors that came out of the Galveston area and feel very comfortable with your local "resident speak." I do a lot of general dictation from neurosurgery and radiology, cardiology, pulmonology, ER stats, letters, requests to the FDA, even protocols for cancer clinics, some work on technical labs and genetics; and I work with many kinds of accents. Anyways, my point is that I am decent enough at it to help you guys out or provide some back up relief for your current voice system and/or transcriptionists. I can get you references from my doctors, should you want them. You can pass this message to any local Galveston doctor, nurse, or resident doctor, whomever. I am willing to back you up on a volunteer basis until you get back to status quo. I'm well versed in HIPPA (I got it, I got it) and reliable. If you are wondering, I grew up in Galveston and went to Ball High for a couple of years; my parents owned a business where O'Malley's sits on Post Office. Mom uncovered the Opera House arch and helped with some of the original restoration. My old apartment building fell into the bayou after a major hurricane a few years ago. I have friends with businesses along the Strand and just across the street from the hospital some friends of mine own the Italian restaurant, Bossi's. I also have friends who run the port and some major businesses down there, but I can't get in to help them cleanup. So until I can get there to help them fixup and rebuild, I would love to be able to contribute in the only way I know how, medical transcription. (Plus, nobody would let me cook in their's a fine way to populate the ER.) Again, feel free to offer my volunteer service to the local medical staff. Agencies can be pretty expensive and I'm not big on sending work out of or across the country. At least I'm close by, I have the time, and you really can't argue with the price. Thank you for your time and attention. Sincerely, Michelle Lloyd

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