Sep 12, 2008

Voices of Ike - the Calm Before the Storm

6:30 pm, Friday, Sept. 12, 2008 From Beaumont orthopedic surgeon David Teuscher, MD

Southeast Texas (Jefferson, Orange, and Hardin Counties) is suffering from "Hurricane Fatigue Syndrome." We are in our third mandatory evacuation in a month (Eduardo, Gustav, and Ike). The previous two "missed us" but found folks returning with orthopaedic injuries, lost wages, and gas, food, and lodging bills. Hopefully this has not let them become complacent should Ike be the real deal. The mandatory evacuation was called here yesterday at 6 am, throwing every patient and health care provider into another parking lot on our highways north and west. No chance to evacuate east as Gustav left widespread power outages in Baton Rouge and all of southwest Louisiana. Greatest danger being surge on this bad boy, wind and rain will likely pale in comparison. The surge up Galveston Bay will be catostrophic in my amateur meteorologist opinion, and may do same up Sabine Lake. Right on time at 5 pm the major outer bands of wind and rain arrived in Beaumont while I was cooking ribs on the grill and laughing at the dogs play without any idea of what was about to happen. Now the long wait begins. Rita trimmed the heavy timber of Beaumont in 2005, but there is plenty of coniferous and deciduous forest surrounding our homes and offices. More importantly, these coastal areas may have the levees of south Jefferson County breeched with the predicted 20+ foot surge over the 15 foot levees in Port Arthur. Connie and me are sheltered in place at home with five dogs, two birds, and two octogenarian guests. A lawsuit is alot like a hurricane. If you practice medicine on the Texas Gulf Coast, you can count on both. More to follow if able. May God grant safety for all who are in harm's way.

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