Sep 14, 2008

Voices of Ike -- Day 2 of the great adventure

Sunday, September 14, 2008 8:33 AM
Beaumont orthopedic surgeon David Teuscher, MD

Massive debris fields and downed timber. Power outage expected for weeks. Rita took out half of our trees and Ike got half of what was left. This is the day you either empty your fridge and freezer or face the horrible stench later and buy a new one. Lots of hazards out there, and without power there won't personnel or patients to run an office. There will be an army of woodsmen and bubbas in the ER with chainsaw, falls, and crush injuries. Righties bag the left thigh and southpaws the right one. With limited communications we are not sure what happened elsewhere. Caught a break when the levy in Pt. Arthur did not get breached and flood all those refineries and homes. Send news. More to follow.


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