Sep 16, 2008

Voices of Ike - "Ikeitis"

12:30 AM, Tuesday, Sept. 16, 2008 Houston cardiologist A. Tomas Garcia, MD

The hospital is now feeling the brunt of all the injuries and health issues of people doing the clean-up; cuts, broken bones, back sprain and other sprains, stuff falling on them, and them falling all over the place. Ibuprofen will be a staple in their diets during this time, along with the aspirin and tylenol. Instead of "boomeritis," we ought to call it "ikeitis." Every joint is going to be injured or sprained.

Everyone is feeling the relief of having survived the storm and perhaps a little bit of the survivor guilt when comparing what happened to Bolivar, Crystal Beach, High Island and Chambers County. The images we are now seeing are almost too much. Alma and I had an opportunity to drive through there recently and it was just beautiful with houses, trees, vegetation, plants of all sizes, colors and shapes, sand, beach and people walking, biking, having cook-outs and enjoying the beach. The picture in the Chronicle captures the devastation; one house and the rest is just sand all the way out till all you see is the sea. Unbelievable, really.

The patients in the hospital are feeling very fortunate to have been in the hospital during this time; hey, dry, warm food, doctors tending to them and staff honoring all their requests wile they watch the images and reporters observation of the storm's damage.

It took Guillermo almost 10 days to finally get here from Afghanistan; he's going to take every thing out of the freezer that's defrosted and barbeque it up and bring it to the staff here at the hospital. It'll be alot of work; but better that then throwing it away. They're in for some good food; I know I killed or caught it. Oh well.

Hey, I'm beat and to bed. Big day tomorrow; I'll bet the office will be topping.


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