Sep 15, 2008

Voices of Ike - "I'm really proud of the team"

5:39 pm, Monday, Sept. 15, 2008 Houston cardiologist A. Tomas Garcia, MD

So far so good. The ER has been hit pretty hard since so many physicians did not open their offices. It's all been the "I ran out of medicines," dialysis, insulin ran out, and COPD issues. Those are being triaged out ASAP to care for the very injured and very sick.

After hospital rounds by our doctors we opened more beds to be ready for the injuried and sick patients that we expect in the coming week. We were told that the next 5 to 7 days, maybe more, there will be about 2 million people returning to this area, which means the pressure on the ER will go up significantly.

I'm really proud of the the team of doctors, nurses, anxilary staff, and administration that worked as a team to achieve this degree of success to date. We have more challenges in the coming days, but the city is recovering, water and power are coming on, and this is really helping speed the recovery.

I had a consult at the Bellaire hospital and drove over there. Bellaire looks like a war zone; trees, limbs, fences, debris of all descriptions all over the place. You see people helping their neighbors cleaning up and clearing the area; especially streets. The lines at all gas stations are very long.

My son guillermo got in safely from Afghanistan.

Gotta go, paged to the ER.


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