Sep 16, 2008

Voices of Ike - Injuries coming in

1:14 pm, Tuesday, Sept. 16 Houston cardiologist A. Tomas Garcia, MD

We continue to have power issues and lack of gas problems. Corporate HCA has secured a tanker that will park in our hospital parking lot with armed guards to help physicians and support staff with 10 gallons of gas per car if it's less than half full and this will be checked; and we will be charged @ $5.25/gallon. oh well; it beats being in line for hours and still not get gas. they will bill us later as they don't have the logistics to collect the money, cash or otherwise.

The hospital is still in disaster mode, and there are armed guards to secure the place so we can work without having to be armed or worry that someone will enter and try something. The ER is now really busy with the injuries coming in, including the chain-saw alley type.

The city still isn't confident of the water supply even though it's now coming in and with good pressure. The rule of thumb is bottled water until otherwise instructed. I still don't have power at the house, so my office is my residence for now. Anyway, I need to be close to my patients in case they need me or in case the emergency room needs me for a code stemi/acute myocardial infarction.

Overall the hospital is responding great and the morale is high. I'm keeping my office open as long as patients continue to call and want to been seen. Better they be seen here in my office where I have their charts and can care for them quickly and efficently. Again, to try to keep our emergency room open for the injuries and car accidents. (The traffic lights are still not working.)

Patient just came in; gotta go.


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