Sep 13, 2008

Voices of Ike - Learn from This

9:03 AM, Saturday, Sept. 13, 2008 Houston trauma surgeon Ken Mattox, MD

Have just left morning incident command briefing. Hospital still on LOCK DOWN. NO VISITORS. Hospital staff on two or more sleep shifts. Anticipate that staff that came in yesterday at noon - 6 PM will be in hospital until 12 noon tomorrow - Sunday. Operating Room for stat cases only. Yes we did some stat cases. Building leaked water on side of major wind assault. EMS calls to 911 are 65% more than for comparable time. EMS does not make runs when the wind is >65 MPH. As soon as the streets are safely passable, we anticipate a huge number of patients who have lost their medicines, scraps, diabetes out of control. etc. We anticipate that we will have referals from other hospitals to take complex injuries. Which we will do. We deeply appreciate the many e-mails and comments of support. Your support, prayers, e-mails give us added and renewed strength to do what it is that all of us were created for: Serve our fellow man during their time of need. And that we will do to the best of our ability. One word of advice to each and every one of you. At some time in the future, YOU will be looked to by your associates to assume leadership at a time of unexpected challenges. Most of the time there will not have been a blue print. Take good records and keep your memory sharp in regard to what you learn from watching this natural disaster. These lessons will aid you in your leadership during that future time.

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