Sep 18, 2008

Voices of Ike - On the road to being normal

12:12 pm, Thursday, Sept. 18, 2008 Houston cardiologist A. Tomas Garcia, MD

Well things are starting to look normal. Traffic lights are working, no lines at gas stations, ice boxes are full, and Whataburger has an Ike menu: burger, chips and drink. Keep it simple.

The hospital is full; but back to normal. The ER is busy but handling it well. The ICU has beds available, and the floors are sending patients home.

Power is coming back through out the city, water is okay, so what about less than a week to recover from a major cat 2 storm?

Boliver is sand and sea. Perhaps, the state should condemn the place and make a state park? How about galveston? thankfully we don't have to carry the mail on that one.

Guillermo and Carlos are helping out at the house with the limbs and trash. The house is okay. We're on the road to being normal. What is normal with a hurricane? Oh well, see you at the next TMA meeting.


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