Sep 17, 2008

Voices of Ike - Pizza by candlelight

11:48 am, Wednesday, Sept. 17, 2008 Houston cardiologist A. Tomas Garcia, MD

The problem is power. Many of the trees hit power lines, transformers, and poles at many key points. So they say. So the ramp-up has been great in some areas and slow in others depending on what the storm did. The hospital is now functioning normally. They figured out what the problem was with the generator and why it failed. Subsidence, it had actually drifted 2 inches since its installation, which was enough for the rainwater to shut it down. So when the hospital lost power on Saturday morning, the main back-up failed; we then went to emergency power which is minimal and will not run the AC, only the fan.

Currently the emergency room is seeing the car accidents, cuts, bruises, broken bones, and chain-saw accidents as predicited. This will probably continued for a while. Our doctors are opening our offices, but the patients aren't coming in. They're working at home cleaning up the mess and getting their accidents as predicted. Some businesses are starting to open and the lines at many of the gas stations are smaller now. It seems that the generators that everyone is using are taking a lot more of the gas. Everyone is trying to save their freezer and refrigerator food; as well as run AC units in one room and their television and/or fan. Reports are that this should improve as well.

The key is patience at this time. I lost everything in the freezer and refrig; my sons pitched it all. They found a pizza place open for business and so we enjoyed it with candlelight. The temp dropped with the windows open. I had my first night of rest at home after my first shower since Friday. Needless to say, a 12-hour sleep was just what the doctor needed.

Nuff for now.


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