Oct 7, 2008

Cracking the Code: Podcast TMA

Physicians go to medical school so they can learn how to take care of sick and injured people. They want to focus on diagnosis and treatment, not on putting the right codes in the right boxes in a billing claim. But we all know that correct coding is essential if you want to be paid correctly. And incorrect coding – if it’s bad enough – can get you in a heap of trouble. Download the show. Today’s conversation is based on the release of our third volume of “greatest hits” from TMA’s practice management e-tips. To download the greatest hits or read through our other tips on coding, please check out the TMA web site. Our guests today are two of Texas medical association’s expert staff members. Drena James and Erin Gregorcyk are both reimbursement specialists in TMA’s Division of Medical Economics. Erin and Drena know their stuff. They speak at seminars. They answer questions over the phone. Today, they’re here to share their knowledge with all of us. This installment covers:

  • Why is coding such a difficult problem for physicians’ offices?
  • What are some of the most comment E&M coding errors and what can doctors’ offices do to prevent them?
  • Coding for Medicare vs. Medicaid and commercial insurance.
  • How should physicians code for telephone consults?
  • Coding modifier and how they cause problems.
  • Consultations vs. referrals.
  • How TMA can help member physicians avoid coding problems and fight coding misinterpretations.


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