Oct 2, 2008

Voices of Ike - Galveston will rise again

5:18 pm, Thursday, Oct. 2, 2008 Galveston endocrinologist Kevin McKinney, MD

I believe that those of us at UTMB are going to do our darnedest to make it work on the Island. The contractors are swarming the campus at this time to make it ready for students and faculty, hopefully within a month. My wife, a full-time academician and researcher, is getting her hands and knees dirty every day down there. We have a very large research enterprise and infrastructure that can't be placed anywhere else, and a newly-built BSL-IV lab, so we have no choice but to stand and deliver! I agree that we will need to work with TMA, our county medical society and community physicians, and our alumni association when going forward.

We took a hard hit from this storm, but the Island and the County will rise again.

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