Nov 9, 2008

Students Raise Funds for UTMB Comrades

(ORLANDO) -- Medical students from across the country solicited their fellow students as well as residents and physicians at the AMA House of Delegates meeting to donate to the UTMB Medical Student Recovery Fund.

"I'm sure you all remember back to your student days and how hard it can be because we don't have any financial cushion to fall back on," Baylor College of Medicine student Meredith Williams told the delegates.

The moneys collected for the fund will go directly to students at the University of Texas Medical Branch at Galveston (UTMB), whose textbooks, computers, supplies, and personal belongs were lost, destoryed, or damaged by the flood waters of Hurricane Ike.

UTMB is the oldest medical school west of the Mississippi and home to more than 1,000 medical students. The institution trains about 20 percent of Texas' new physicians.

You can contribute to the fund via the Texas Medical Association Foundation's secure Web site.

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