Nov 24, 2008

Survey: Primary Care Under Attack - Podcast TMA

The Physicians' Foundation "Medical Practice in 2008" national survey sought to learn whether current primary care practice conditions are eroding physicians' abilities to meet their patients' needs, and to learn more about the daily challenges physicians face, as well as medicine's future. The results show a bleak medical landscape in which primary care physicians are overworked, overwhelmed, and at the breaking point professionally and financially. The Physicians' Foundation plans to share the survey's findings so policymakers, employers, insurance companies, and the public will understand physicians' concerns. Download the show now. The cover story in the December issue of Texas Medicine delves into the survey's findings and examines how low physician morale, a weakened patient-physician relationship, time-consuming paperwork, reimbursement hassles, and other challenges affect the practice of medicine. In this installment of Podcast TMA, retired Georgia pediatrician Walker Ray, MD, vice president of the Physicians' Foundation, and Juan Jose Ferreris, MD, a San Antonio pediatrician in a four-person practice, discuss the threatened primary care practice environment. This installment covers:
  • The current physician shortage.
  • The effect of expanded health insurance coverage on a system that's collapsing.
  • What physicians can do to spread the message that primary care is in trouble.

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