Jan 1, 2009

Doctor's Orders: Podcast TMA

TMA's Legislative Prescription for a Healthy Texas

A tight budget, narrow partisan margins in the House and Senate, and a likely all-out assault on scope of practice by allied health professions promise to make the 2009 Texas Legislature a particularly challenging one for organized medicine.

The Texas Medical Association plans to pursue an ambitious agenda when the 81st Texas Legislature opens January 13, but TMA leaders say the political climate definitely will impact TMA's ability to push through some of medicine's top priorities. Download the show now The cover story in the January 2009 issue of Texas Medicine provides a glimpse at some of the key issues that organized medicine will pursue this year, the challenges medicine likely will encounter in trying to achieve its goals, and the battles it may have to fight with nurse practitioners, trial lawyers and others.

In this installment of Podcast TMA, Texas Medical Association Council on Legislation Chair Albert Gros, MD, and PatientsFirst Coalition Chair David Teuscher, MD, discuss some of the top legislative concerns facing physicians and their patients.

This installment covers:

  • TMA’s top legislative priorities this year.
  • The impact a tight budget will have on efforts to gain funding for items such as higher Medicaid fees and graduate medical education.
  • Anticipated scope of practice fights with nurse practitioners and other allied health professionals.
  • Likely attacks on tort reforms by trial lawyers.

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