Feb 5, 2009

The Magic of First Tuesdays -- Podcast TMA

The great tradition continues. On Feb. 3, nearly 200 Texas physicians and TMA Alliance members came here to exercise one of the great rights of American democracy … the right to petition their government for change. We call it First Tuesdays at the Capitol because it happens on the First Tuesday of every month when the Texas Legislature is in session. For 2009, physicians and spouses become white-coated lobbyists for a day on Feb. 3, March 3, April 7, and May 5. It doesn’t take any special background. Just bring your white coats and stories of what’s going on in your practice. TMA leaders brief you on the issues, give you some tips on how to lobby effectively, and send you and your colleagues over to the capitol. This segment of Podcast TMA contains the comments of rookie and veteran First Tuesday participants, lobbyists and former lawmakers. We found out about some real snakes in the Texas capitol and discovered why it is so important to have a doctor in the house.

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This installment includes interviews with:

  • TMA President Josie Williams, MD
  • Former legislators Diane White Delisis and Jaime Capelo
  • TMA Alliance leaders Bridget McKeever and Keely Hunsaker of Corpus Christi and Susan Todd of Fort Worth, the founder of First Tuesdays
  • Drs. Robert Jackson, Tomas Garcia, and Dennis Brown of Houston
  • Drs. Pamel Hall, Mary Dale Peterson, and Jerry Hunsaker of Corpus Christi
  • Andrew Diehl, MD, of San Antonio
  • Lisa Swanson, MD, of Mesquite
  • Darren Nelson, MD, of Midlothian
  • Linda Villarreal, MD, of Edinburg
  • TMA Vice President for Advocacy Darren Whitehurst

To learn more about First Tuesdays at the Capitol – or register for the March 3, April 7, or May 5 – go to the TMA Web site or call the TMA Knowledge Center at (800) 880-7955.

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