Apr 1, 2009

Achieving Quality and Patient Safety - Podcast TMA

Shortly after she was installed as president of the Texas Medical Association in 2008, Josie R. Williams, MD, directed the TMA Councils on Scientific Affairs and Socioeconomics to conduct a case studies report on quality improvement and patient safety initiatives in Texas. The report profiled a dozen different initiatives being conducted in a variety of practice settings from rural solo practitioners to large metropolitan hospital systems.

Download the show. For the cover story in the April issue of Texas Medicine, we took a look at the case studies report and interviewed many of the physicians profiled in it. Those physicians said four key themes are critical to any successful quality improvement initiative—a commitment to quality, a philosophy of teamwork, an attitude of change, and tracking, measure, and reporting data. In this installment of Podcast TMA, Dr. Williams and Don Kennerly, MD, vice president for patient safety for the Baylor Health Care System in Dallas, discuss the case studies report and why they believe all physicians should become involved continuous quality improvement efforts. This installment covers:

  • Why Dr. Williams initiated the case studies report.
  • What Baylor Health Care System and other participants in the report have learned from their initiatives.
  • Why it is critical for physicians to embrace tracking, measure, and reporting quality data in their practices.

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