Jun 2, 2009

Patients’ First Health System Reform – Podcast TMA

Candidate Barack Obama promised change. Now President Barack Obama is preparing to deliver that change, at least in the health care system. The president has held health care summits to get input on his health system reform plans from physicians, health plans, and other health care industry stakeholders. Meanwhile, Democratic leaders in Congress are developing health reform issue papers and crafting reform proposals of their own. Those leaders say a reform plan could be on the House and Senate floors for debate before the end of the summer.

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The June cover story of Texas Medicine magazine looks at what is likely to come out of those efforts and Texas Medical Association’s advocacy to try to influence that debate. TMA has put together a series of principles that it believes should guide any reform plan and created a task force to vet any proposals put forward against those principles.

In this installment of Podcast TMA, Athens family physician Douglas Curran, MD, and former American Medical Association President Nancy W. Dickey, MD, discuss the health system reform proposals as they stood in early June. They also explore the work of TMA’s Task Force on Health System Reform whose job is to measure those proposals against TMA’s guiding principles.

This installment covers:

  • The current status of reform proposals.
  • The development of TMA’s guiding principles for health system reform.
  • The efforts of TMA’s Task Force on Health System Reform to vet reform plans.
  • The outlook for passage of health system reform this year.

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