Jun 19, 2009

Rohack Takes the Stage - Podcast TMA

This special installment of Podcast TMA comes to you directly from the Hyatt Regency Chicago, where we hear the installation address of Jim Rohack, MD, the new president of the American Medical Association.

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Dr. Rohack’s installation comes one day after President Barak Obama made an historic visit to the AMA and on the eve of a long hot summer of negotiations over health system reform. The former TMA president, a cardiologist from Temple, takes his audience through a history lesson – the evolution of medicine, of organized medicine, and of Jim Rohack himself.

“I can promise that our AMA is committed to offering guidance, our expertise, the benefits of our relationship with patients, and the powerful voice of our profession, to help the powers that be make the right decisions,” Dr. Rohack said. “This is an effort that will define our organization, define our nation and define each and every one of us.”

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