Aug 30, 2009

Sign the "Fix What's Wrong; Keep What's Good" Petition

This is TMA's primary message for health system reform. Sign and share the petition. As Congress prepares to return to Washington, it's time for patients and their physicians to turn up the heat. Not scare tactics, just a solid ask to fix what's wrong and keep what's good in today's health care system.

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A WRONG TURN on the road to national health care reform would be disastrous. After all, everyone is along for this ride. Your doctor is asking YOU to buckle up and tell Congress to SLOW DOWN and get it right. Clearly, the road map to health care reform needs to get us to a place where we fix what’s wrong and keep what’s good.

What’s WRONG with American health care:

  • Too many Americans are uninsured
  • Too much of our health care dollar is spent elsewhere, not on health care
  • Congress is not paying fairly for Medicare and Medicaid
  • Too much insurance profit, hassle and abuse
  • Lawsuit abuse drives up health care costs

What’s GOOD with American health care:

  • Doctors work for you, the patient
  • You, the patient, have a choice of doctors and hospitals
  • Highest quality in the world
  • Innovation and cures save and extend lives
  • It’s not a government run system where you wait and wait

Don’t let Congress drive this debate into the political ditch and wreck all that’s GOOD for your health. It’s time to “hit the horn” and let Congress know which road to travel. Your Doctor and the Texas Medical Association want YOU to call, write, e-mail and/or visit your U.S. Senators and Representative. If you don’t take the wheel, someone else will steer your health care decisions for you. It’s your call.

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Anonymous said...

my experience with the American system, in the seven years I lived in the US, is that it's far from the best in the world. It may be if the best if you can afford to go to the Mayo Clinic or Johns Hopkins etc., but for the average person, the US system is very ordinary to inferior compared to what I've experienced in Canada. I have had much better care in Canada than I was forced to endure in the US.