Sep 11, 2009

Me and My Doctor Campaign - Podcast TMA

The topic of this installment of Podcast TMA is "Me and My Doctor, We Know Best," the campaign that TMA has developed to help physicians talk to their patients about the national health system reform debate. The message to Congress and President Obama is simple: “Fix what’s broken; keep what’s good.”

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Our guests are Dan McCoy, MD, a dermatologist from Dallas and chair of TMA's Council on Legislation, and Bryan Eppstein, of Capitol Alliance Public Affairs. Both men helped to develop the new campaign. We did this interview during a break in the action at TMA's 2009 fall conference.

The topics we coverd include:

  • Why TMA developed the new campaign,
  • How the campaign message and imagery were developed,
  • What the campaign means to TMA as an organization and to its members,
  • The importance of the patient-physician relationship to grassroots advocacy, and
  • The role of social networks like Twitter and Facebook in the new campaign.

Learn more about the "Me and My Doctor" campaign.

Order campaign materials.

Use social media to spread the campaign.

Visit the "Me and My Doctor" Web site for patients.

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