Jan 1, 2010

Getting Help Going It Alone -- Podcast TMA

Setting up a medical practice from scratch isn't easy. Determining setup costs and startup expenses, monthly operating costs, three-year cash flow projections; working with reliable vendors; recruiting staff; and implementing information technology systems are just part of the process involved in getting started.

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This installment of Podcast TMA includes firsthand accounts from two physicians who worked with TMA Practice Consulting to start their own practices. The cover story of the January 2010 issue of Texas Medicine magazine walks physicians through opening a practice with information on insuring a new practice, recruiting staff, purchasing new equipment, billing, and understanding the types of professional liability insurance policies. Today, Rogelio Trevino, MD, owner of Georgetown Family & Geriatric Medicine PLLC, and Christopher Brennig, MD, owner of Austin Vascular Institute, share their experiences with opening solo medical practices.

This installment covers:

  • Income guarantees;
  • What to consider before leaving a group practice to set up a solo practice;
  • The practice setup process; and
  • Advice for physicians thinking about starting their own medical practices.

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