Jan 26, 2010

Will Apple Tablet PC "Break Through" in Health Care?

Apple is set to release a new tablet PC tomorrow. Our friends at Austin-based Medical Software Advice wonder whether this new device will be the first tablet PC to break through in the health care industry.

They've created a short survey (8 multiple choice questions) about what tablet PC features are important to health care professionals. They say they will use the results from the survey to "determine which tablet PC is best positioned to rule the halls of health care." Even if you've never used a tablet PC, they want your opinion on what features are important.

Here is another link to the survey.

We don't usually post stories like this on Blogged Arteries, but since they asked so nicely -- and we think gadgets are neat -- we went along. We're hoping they will give us the survey results and their assessment of the best tablet PC for health care to share with our readers.

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