Mar 26, 2010

Is the Web-enabled House Call Legal? (Podcast TMA)

The old-fashioned house call may be a thing of the past, but it hasn't disappeared completely; it has simply taken on a new shape. To keep pace with technology, physicians are constantly changing the way they communicate with patients. Physicians can now use the Internet to see patients from their homes, offices, or anywhere a Web cam is available. This method of practice is known as telemedicine. The Texas Medical Board (TMB) is examining the best way new communication tools can be used to deliver safe, quality patient care.

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This installment of Podcast TMA includes information on TMB regulations pertaining to the practice of telemedicine. The cover story of the March 2010 issue of Texas Medicine magazine explores a new telemedicine company that has launched its online diagnosis and treatment service in Texas and examines state law that applies to physicians who participate in telemedicine. Today, TMB Medical Director Alan T. Moore, MD, shares his insight on telemedicine practice in Texas.

This installment covers:

  • TMB's concerns with the practice of telemedicine;
  • Optimal use of telemedicine;
  • Proposed changes to TMB telemedicine rules; and
  • Guiding principles the board uses when making rules determinations.

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