May 31, 2010

Congress Leaves, Medicare Fees Cut

Oh, so now they’re worried about spending too much money?

Medicare payments to physicians dropped 21.2 percent June 1 because Congress opted to go on vacation without doing anything to stop it. The Senate recessed for Memorial Day without acting after attempts to approve a House-passed bill delaying the cut – part of legislation extending unemployment benefits – failed because some Senators balked at the cost of the approximately $143 billion bill.

2 comments: said...

Steve, I believe that there have been concerns about the cost of legislation all along. The President said he would not sign legislation that would increase the deficit, both Congress and the President have championed the renewed Paygo rules, Senator Reid removed the "fix" from the health care reform law prior to passage by the Senate, and much of the objection to the "Stimulus" and the reform bills was due to the costs.

Steve Levine said...

Dr. Nuckols: You are correct. We will rewrite the lead of this story.