May 15, 2010

Doctor Who Promotes Bike Helmet Use Was Saved By One

TMA physician Ernest Neal Charlesworth, MD, is helping to promote TMA's Hard Hats for Little Heads program, which urges children to wear bike helmets, and to exercise. After suffering a serious bike crash, he credits his own helmet with saving his life. “I simply would not be alive today if I had not had a helmet on,” Dr. Charlesworth said.

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Jeff Brandt said...

I ware a helmet for biking motorcycle, and kayaking but not until 2002 I didn't use one for skiing. I am a very aggressive skier, so one day I said to myself, I should get a helmet. Two weeks after the purchase, I was helicoptered off a mtn with a frontal lobe head injury with a helmet. Lucky for me, it was only a small bleed. I told my Neurologist that the helmet didn't work. He said, "Oh ya it did" After a few visits to rehab and a few months of recovery I new my name again and today pretty much back to normal. It is an eye opener to see patients at wheelchair demo day at rehab to make you realize how very lucky you are.

Get a helmet!!!