May 4, 2010

Maximum Overdrive: Increasing Patient Satisfaction with Automated Messaging

Submitted by an exhibitor at the recently concluded TexMed 2010.

By James F. Wilson, B.S., EMT

Senior Account Executive
Personal Communications, Inc.
1918 Vestavia Court
Arlington, TX 76018


With the explosion of electronic and technologic devices and systems aimed at healthcare, it becomes increasingly difficult to decide not only which ones to invest in, but also how to maximize their full potential. Automated Messaging Systems are rather inexpensive investments that truly increase revenue and efficiency. However, the majority of practices with these systems are not utilizing the full potential of their Automated Messaging Systems.

As the Medical Home concept comes back to the forefront, the need to efficiently provide personal superior patient care with the utmost of customer satisfaction. If used to their full potential, Automated Messaging Systems can assist you in providing exemplary patient satisfaction.

Key Words:

Automated Messaging Systems, Patient Reminders, Medical Home, Patient Satisfaction, Efficiency, Quality, Increased Revenue


  1. Implementing automated appointment reminders will reduce no-shows dramatically while freeing up valuable clinic staff time.
  2. The reduction of no-shows recovers lost revenue that can save your practice several thousand dollars per year.
  3. The purpose of this article is to address the “additional” applications that many are unaware of and that can greatly enhance your patients’ satisfaction, knowledge and safety.
  4. If all additional applications of Automated Messaging Systems are used to their full potential they can assist in providing the best patient care possible.
  5. Automated Messaging Systems can be used to follow up with patients that have a new diagnosis or care plan.
  6. Imagine being able to send a personal message to all of your patients concerning a current event health crisis!

Maximum Overdrive

1 comment:

Patient Survey said...

Good post, we BTW use for keeping a tab on patient feedback and to improve patient care. Works out well. Makes the staff also think twice about how they treat patients. Also, this is helping out to let go staff who are not doing a great job. What better way to document something than something that is provided to you by patients themselves. Plus, all staff wears a name tag just to make sure they know patients can see who the person is.

Also, doctors are now reviewing these every month as well. They get positive and negative feedback about how patients feel about their treatment at the hospital.

In the end only thing that matters is the patient care and preventative medicine.

Keep up the good work. Great content!!!