Jun 13, 2010

It's the "Write Coat Rally"


Join your colleagues in telling Congress enough is enough. Repeal the Medicare SGR!

"Protect access to care."

CHICAGO -- At the Annual Meeting of the AMA, delegates from every state and specialty society are staging a "Write Coat Rally" by writing messages urging Congress to repeal the Medicare SGR on white coats that will be delivered to Capitol Hill.

"Help me help patients." You can join the rally today by delivering a message to your representatives in Congress through the AMA Physicians' Grassroots Network toll-free hotline at (800) 833-6354.

"Save my practice." Tell Congress that unless they act now, more physicians will be forced out of the Medicare and TRICARE programs and seniors and military families will lose access to the doctors they trust and the care they need.

Call (800) 833-6354 today and tell Congress enough is enough. Repeal the Medicare SGR!

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