Jun 13, 2010

Rohack Promotes Healthier Life Steps

CHICAGO -- AMA President Jim Rohack, MD, the former TMA president, included a plug for a program TMA is promoting to help physicians keep their patients healthy, Healthier Life Steps is an AMA program that TMA has endorsed and is distributing free of charge to Texas physicians.

"Our AMA us quietly influencing the shape of health care in America through efforts such as the Healthier Life Steps program," Dr. Rohack said in his presidential address to the AMA House of Delegates Saturday. "This patient-physician partnership helps physicians help patients eat better, be more physically active, avoid tobacco use and alcohol misuse.

"We all know these behaviors are the leading causes of preventable illness and mortality among our patients. They also contribute heavily to the problem of spiraling health care costs. The Healthier Life Steps is available online, free of charge, to both health care practitioners and patients.

"I was delighted to see our Medical Student Section choose it as their National Service Project. And last month, I was able to help kick off the co-branded program at the Texas Medical Association's annual meeting.

"Take advantage of it. It might help save the life of someone you love."

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