Jul 28, 2010

Texas County-by-County Uninsured Stats Now Available

The U.S. Census Bureau today released its state-by-state and county-by-county uninsured figures for 2007.

We already knew that Texas is the Uninsured Capital of the U.S. For those 65 and younger, 26.8 percent of Texans lacked insurance -- trailed only by New Mexico at 26.7 percent. For children (those under 19), the Census Bureau lists 19.5 percent of Texans and 18.1 percent of New Mexicans as not having insurance. Florida came in third in both lists.

The updated county lists provide some new views of things. For residents under age 65, eight of the top nine counties are in Texas. The most uninsured county in the country is Kenedy County, south of Corpus Christi, headquarters of the fabled King Ranch.

Here are the top five most- and least-uninsured counties in Texas, for the under-65 population and the under-19 group. Interesting to note that four of the five least-uninsured counties for Texans under age 19 are very poor South Texas counties. Looks like Medicaid and CHIP have quite good penetration there.

Most Uninsured, Under 65
  • Kenedy, 49.5%
  • Hudspeth, 48.5%
  • Jeff Davis, 44.2%
  • Culberson, 42.6%
  • Presidio, 40.8%
Least Uninsured, Under 65
  • Collin, 16.6%
  • Duval, 16.7%
  • Carson, 17.3%
  • Brooks, 17.8%
  • Orange, 17.9%
Most Uninsured, Under 19
  • Kenedy, 40.2%
  • Glasscock, 38.9%
  • Reagan, 36.7%
  • Sherman, 36.1%
  • Hudspeth, 36.0%
Least Uninsured, Under 19
  • Brooks, 8.8%
  • Duval, 9.4%
  • La Salle, 9.6%
  • Collin, 10.3%
  • Jim Hogg, 10.4%

Check out the table with figures for all 254 counties. We published census figures for those under 65 and those under 19. I would have included them in this post, but blogger doesn't play well with HTML tables. Sorry.


Anonymous said...

The link doesn't work :(

Steve Levine said...

Fixed the link.

Ron Hekier, MD said...
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Ron Hekier, MD said...

Thanks for fixing the link.
I suspect the numbers of uninsured have increased since that data in 2007, given the state of the economy.

Steve Levine said...

There have been several new state-by-state rankings released with newer data (this is the newest county-level data). I will find that and post the numbers, but Texas is still on the top (or bottom, if you will) of the list.

Steve Levine said...

Most recent stats, I've found, from an ABC News story on a Census Bureau report (Sept. 10, 2009):

The states with the highest average rate of uninsured people from 2006 to 2008 are Texas (24.9 percent), New Mexico (23.0 percent) and Florida (20.5 percent).