Jan 27, 2011

Watch Dr. Pho and General Abbott From Your Living Room

Can't make it to Austin for TMA's 2011 Winter Conference at the AT&T Conference Center Jan. 28 and 29? We've got a little something that will bring you closer to the action.

Nothing, of course, can substitute for those in-person conversations with your colleagues from across the state or your board, council, or committee meetings. But 21st century social media can help fill the void.

On Twitter? Follow the action of live tweets at the conference using hash tag #TMAWinter.

Plus, we're bringing our two keynote speakers to you in live streaming video on the Internet Saturday morning.

At 8:40 am (CT) on Saturday, Jan. 29, catch "Medicine in the Age of Social Media" by Kevin Pho, MD, the "Kevin" behind the popular health care blog KevinMD.


Dr. Pho is social media's leading physician voice. Voted the best medical blog of 2008, KevinMD.com is among the web’s most prominent and influential health care platforms, with over 40,000 subscribers and 33,000 followers on Facebook and Twitter. As TMA's keynote speaker, Dr. Pho discusses why doctors should engage in blogs, Twitter or Facebook, shows examples of how doctors are connecting with patients in social media platforms and outlines the risks to physicians. He also reflects on his personal social media journey and how social media can benefit organized medicine.

Then, at 10 am (CT), Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott speaks about health system reform lawsuits and more.


Texas is part of a 26 (or 20)-state coalition that is challenging the constitutionality of the health care reform law. The states argue that Congress has no right to require people to buy insurance and that reform’s expansion of the Medicaid program is unlawful.The question is expected to wind up before the U.S. Supreme Court. Hear the latest on these and other health care issues from General Abbot.


Anonymous said...

I'd like to also review the budget committee presentation that occurred after Dr Wilson's AMA update. Was that presentation recorded and if so, could you provide that link as well?
Michelle Mc.
TTUHSC SOM Class of 2014

Steve Levine said...

Thanks for your comment, Michelle. Unfortunately, we didn't record that presentation -- just Dr. Pho and General Abbott. If you have questions or comments about the budget, please contact Darren Whitehurst in TMA Public Affairs. That's darren dot whitehurst at texmed dot org.