Jun 16, 2011

Chicago Tribune Article: AMA to reconsider support of health insurance requirement

From today's Chicago Tribune:
AMA to reconsider support of health insurance requirement Faction contends key tenet of overhaul legislation is 'a matter of individual responsibility to be encouraged by the use of tax incentives and other noncompulsory measures." A divided American Medical Association will consider withdrawing its support of a key tenet of the health overhaul law that requires Americans to purchase an insurance plan.

The vehicle for this debate will be the Council on Medical Services Report #9:

The CMS Report strongly recommends that AMA keep its current policy:

Accordingly, in to order to maximize the expansion of health insurance coverage to the uninsured in both the public and private sectors, and to retain the critical components underlying the AMA proposal for expanding health insurance coverage and choice as established by the House of Delegates, the Council on Medical Service recommends the reaffirmation of policies in support of individual responsibility to obtain health insurance; individually selected and owned health insurance; principles for health insurance tax credits and other subsidies; principles for health insurance market regulation; health savings accounts; and direct subsidies for the coverage of high risk patients. The Council firmly believes that the strength of this policy foundation is contingent on all of its parts; without each complementary component, the foundation begins to crumble and, as the literature suggests, the number of uninsured Americans will continue to grow.

Stay tuned. Blogged Arteries will keep you up to date on this and all other debates and elections at the House of Delegates meeting, which begins on Saturday.

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