Jun 29, 2011

Finally, They're Gone!

TMA Legislative News Hotline

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Today is the last day of the special session. The Texas Senate headed home a day early yesterday after taking action on bills critical for the special session. However, the Texas House is still at work. House members returned today to take up legislation that would stop invasive pat-downs by Transportation Security Administration and an omnibus bill to fund courts.

Yesterday, the House almost caused lawmakers to come back for a second special session when it initially voted down Senate Bill 1. After a quick emergency caucus, budget negotiators were able to put the bill back on track. House members passed the bill on the second attempt. SB 1 is critical to helping balance the 2012-13 budget. It creates more than $3.5 billion in additional nontax revenue. It also cuts public education by $4 billion statewide.

Look for TMA’s complete legislative summary in Friday’s TMA Legislative Hotline.

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