Sep 12, 2011

Doctors: Answer Your Phone if You Want to Get Paid

Come Jan. 1, 2012, all health insurers – Medicare, Medicaid, and private payers – will stop paying claims from any physicians who have not upgraded their electronic billing systems to comply with the HIPAA 5010 electronic claims standards. The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services requires all "covered entities" (physicians, clearinghouses, insurers, and others with access to digital personal health care data) to convert to the new 5010 transaction set by Jan. 1. These are the electronic transactions used to transmit patient, physician, and provider data among those covered entities.

To help you avoid disaster, the Texas Medical Association will conduct a Tele-Town Hall Meeting on the new standards at 8 pm (CDT) on Thursday, Sept. 22. TMA President C. Bruce Malone, MD, will moderate the discussion, which will feature expert presentations from TMA physician leaders and staff. Dr. Malone will call you at your home telephone number and invite you to stay on the line to learn about HIPPA 5010.

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