Nov 13, 2011

Stop ICD-10 Now

Speaking at the American Medical Association House of Delegates, David Teuscher, MD, of Beaumont argues why the AMA should move now to stop the federal government from requiring physicians and health care providers to switch to the onerous ICD-10 documentation system. Dr. Teuscher, an orthopedic surgeon and member of the Texas Medical Association Board of Trustees, was testifying on behalf of Resolution 224, which the Texas Delegation submitted along with physicians from North Carolina and Nebraska.

That resolution asks AMA to:

  • Immediately petition the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services to stop implementation and development of all new coding and billing standards including ICD-10; and
  • Work with other national and state medical and informatics associations to develop and evaluate the appropriate replacement for ICD-9.

ICD-10, which will be required of all physicians, hospitals, and health care providers beginning Oct. 1, 2013, is one of the many new regulatory burdens covered in TMA's Calendar of Doom.

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Dan said...

David did a good job of speaking the message that Texas doctors are tired of expensive mandates on their practice.