Dec 29, 2011

ICD-10: TMA Can Help Smooth the Way

Would you rather leap from ICD-9 to ICD-10 – and risk a hard fall (that might be ICD-10 code W15.XXXA: Fall from cliff, initial encounter) – or cross over via a smooth bridge?

The distance between ICD-9's 14,000 codes and ICD-10's 68,000 is long. It may well take from now until the scheduled Oct. 1, 2013, ICD-10 adoption deadline for you and your staff to learn your way around the new coding system. That's why in early 2012, TMA will begin offering these ICD-10 training opportunities for you and your staff:

  • Hands-on ICD-10 Coding Workshops. The challenge of learning a new code set can be intimidating, and for some physicians and staff it can be paralyzing. Become familiar with the ICD-10 conventions and learn to navigate the new system in an interactive workshop. Participants will gain hands-on experience by coding services using sample medical record documentation and the ICD-10 coding system. By building a solid ICD-10 foundation and understanding the rules involved, your practice can avoid decreased revenue and reduce financial liability.
  • ICD-10 Documentation Requirements (a physician-only program). Even if your practice is fully prepared, if physician documentation has not evolved, you’ll never achieve accurate coding and proper payment. Attendees will learn about the new conventions and how to modify medical record documentation techniques to support the ICD-10 coding system. Avoiding a decrease in revenue and reducing financial liability begin with the physician.
  • Private ICD-10 Training. TMA Practice Consulting can provide customized ICD-10 training for physicians and staff within the comfort of your own practice. This training is ideal for both small and large practices that prefer to have one-on-one instruction in a more intimate setting with a less rigid format. For more information or to request a proposal, email TMA Practice Consulting.

TMA is working with the American Medical Association and other state associations to stop the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services from implementing ICD-10 because of its burden on physician practices. But if the government doesn't listen, TMA can help you prepare. Stay abreast of TMA's ICD-10 educational programs by emailing Heather Bettridge. Let her know you want special notification of TMA's upcoming ICD-10 workshops, seminars, and webinars as details become available. Find more information on the TMA website.

Keep track of ICD-10 deadlines and other looming compliance dates with TMA's Calendar of Doom. Be prepared; be very prepared.

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