Jun 18, 2012

Another Texan Takes the Helm of AMA Alliance

Mrs. Red

CHICAGO -- Ninety years ago, Mrs. Samuel Clark Red -- wife of an influential and well-known Houston surgeon -- helped convince the American Medical Association to establish the Women's Auxiliary. Mrs. Red became the first president of the auxiliary.

Now known as the AMA Alliance, the organization celebrated its 90th anniversary with the installation of yet another great Texas woman -- Pat Hyer of Fort Worth -- as its 89th president. She becomes the third Texan, in fact the third from Fort Worth, to hold that office in less than a decade.

TMA President Michael Speer, MD, heaped praise on Pat at the anniversary party, as she recounted some of the early days of the organization.

By the way, here's the text of the resolution the AMA House of Delegates approved in St. Louis in 1922 creating the Women's Auxialiary to the American Medical Association:

"The object of this auxiliary shall be to extend the aims of the medical profession through the wives of doctors to the various women's organizations, which look to the advancement in health and education; also to assist in entertainment at all medical conventions and to promote acquaintanceship among doctors' families that closer professional fellowship may exist."

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