Dec 11, 2012

Your Online Reputation: Shifting Negative Reviews to Positive

Maintaining a healthy online reputation is pivotal to success as a physician in the Internet Age. In 2011, a report by the Pew Research Center’s Susannah Fox found that 44 percent of Internet users consulted the Web to evaluate potential physicians and healthcare professionals. If you look just at the 34-45 years old age group, that number jumps to 51 percent.

Software Advice’s David Fried recently spoke with two experts in reputation management to learn how physicians can manage their online reputation effectively. Fried discovered that it’s important to focus on what you absolutely can’t do (such as electronically communicate with patients without their permission), what you shouldn’t do (point fingers--you’ll only validate negative reviews this way), and what you must do (ask websites to remove libelous comments).

Read Fried's findings on the Profitable Practice blog: Ionizing Your Online Reputation: Shifting Negative Reviews to Positive.

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