Jun 16, 2013

Regina, Sue, Joe, and More ...

 ... Images from the opening two days of the 2013 Annual Session of the American Medical Association House of Delegates in Chicago. At least the Texas perspective.

U.S. Surgeon General Regina Benjamin, MD, visits with Dallas
pediatrician Carolyn Evans, MD
We're excited, too!
Susan Rudd Bailey, MD, of Fort Worth is unanimously
reelected vice speaker of the AMA House of Delegates
Austin anesthesiologist Joe Annis, MD (right) squares off against
Maryland's Robert Wah, MD, in the debate between the two
candidates for AMA president-elect.
Will Bradley, MD, of Mansfield chairs the Reference Committee on AMA Constitution and Bylaws Les Secrest, MD, of Dallas serves
on the Reference Committee
on Legislation
David Lichtman, MD, of Fort Worth
serves on the Reference Committee
on Medical Education

Gary Floyd, MD, of Fort Worth testifies for a Texas resolution
calling on AMA to identify the pros, cons, and costs of the
Patient Protection and Accountable Care Act.

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