Jul 29, 2013

Help on the Way

From health care problem, to TMA solution, here's the story behind the birth of TMA's Physician Services Organization for Patient Care. It's designed to deliver doctors the survival tools they need to provide demonstrably better and more efficient patient care and compete in today's health care marketplace.

“I am confident the Physician Services Organization for Patient Care will save local practices,” said TMA President Stephen L. Brotherton, MD. “Texas doctors are determined to make health care better and more affordable for Texans.

“To do that, we need to shift the balance of power away from the government, the health insurance companies, and the large hospital systems and back to the patients and their physicians.”

TMA’s Physician Services Organization for Patient Care is a physician-led organization that will offer services to bolster physicians’ clinical and financial autonomy. In addition to TMA, the Dallas County Medical Society (DCMS) and Harris County Medical Society (HCMS) are key members of the organization. The center will bring in new and existing physician groups, health plans, and technology vendors as needed to test and develop effective new care models.

Read more at www.texmed.org/tmapso.

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