Jun 11, 2017

Video: Legislative Session Victories Snapshot

Watch this TMA Legislative News Hotline video summary of a few of the biggest issues addressed in the regular session of the 85th Texas Legislature, which concluded a bit more than a week ago. TMA advocacy team members Dan Finch, Troy Alexander, Michelle Romero, and Clayton Stewart share notes on some top legislative priorities lawmakers answered this session: A surprise-billing solution; new law to define and regulate telemedicine; a prevention initiative passed to keep Texans safe; and how Medicaid funding for the next two years could affect patients and physicians. We also add an update on a priority bill signed this week, and shine a light on the future, when lawmakers will return to Austin. All of that, and a special message from TMA’s Advocacy Vice President Darren Whitehurst, are featured in this week’s episode.

Tune in next week, when Hotline will delve deeper into issues passed this session, beginning with the budget, mental health, and women’s health — as well as  legislation regulating use of maintenance of certification.


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